Sound wave bracelet

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Recommendations of stylists on what hand and how they wear a sound wave bracelet are extremely contradictory. Most often in this matter, one has to choose the only right way – to follow ones own intuition, taste and sense of proportion.

How to wear sound wave bracelet

To get your own answer to the question – how to wear sound wave bracelet correctly – you should decide which group of people you belong to. The first is the lovers of the classic style of wearing sound wave bracelet when the finished bracelet is simply put on under suitable circumstances. The second group is those who are willing to experiment, submitting to their own taste and inspiration.

We wear sound wave bracelet with watches

There are also no strict recommendations, but you can use the following tips. So, a sound wave bracelet can be worn on the hand opposite to that on which the watch is worn. This is the traditional classic version. There are several good reasons for choosing him. Usually the watch is worn on the left hand, in this case, the sound wave bracelet on the right hand, which is more active, is in the spotlight.

Wearing sound wave bracelet on one hand along with a watch has become a fashionable trend, with both womens and mens. You can also make an ensemble for two hands at the same time. Here the opinions of stylists differ. Some recommend combining sound wave bracelet in style with each other, others suggest not to be limited and feel free to fantasize.