Gladiator sandals for women

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History of gladiator sandals for women

These shoes, gladiator sandals for women, appeared a long time ago. Naturally, it began its distribution from ancient civilizations (India, Greece, Egypt). In those days, sandals were made from straw mats that were tied with straps made from animal skins or directly from grass twisted from grass.

gladiator sandals for women benefits

The advantages of sandals, gladiator sandals for women are obvious:
they protect the sole of the foot from damage (sharp stones, spines, etc.)
foot open and breathing
have very little weight
Of course, sandals were worn by both men and women. This is where we turn to the main gender difference in shoes. Sandals, gladiator sandals for women (including childrens) are actually sandals that have more pronounced foot fixation elements.

Variety of gladiator sandals for women

For example, the one-piece heel can be performed on womens sandals, gladiator sandals for women. Also, a solid strip of material may be present in the area of ‚Äčthe beginning of the toes of the foot. At the same time, the sole of the sandals is absolutely flat.
In sandals, gladiator sandals for women there is at least a small, but still a heel. If we are talking about adult shoes, then sandals can also be fully executed on heels.